SD A-LIST, 2013, 2014, & 2016

Come visit us at 1772-A Garnet Avenue right next to VONS & Starbucks!


When did PURE Cupcakes open?

    PURE Cupcakes opened our doors on January 2nd, 2013.

Where is PURE Cupcakes located?

    PURE is in the VONS shopping center in Pacific Beach, in the courtyard behind Starbucks.

What does PURE mean?       

    PURE uses only the freshest and finest ingredients. We do not use any stabilizers, extracts, shortenings, etc. We use Belgian chocolates, fresh cream, fresh fruit for our home-made curds, etc. We consider our cupcakes the best cupcakes in San Diego.

Does PURE Rotate their flavors?

    Yes, PURE offers daily flavors. We change them monthly. So be sure to check out the daily flavor tab under info. We do not offer every flavor every day. And, we do have seasonal cupcakes, that may not be available at all.

Does PURE Cupcakes offer Gluten Free Cupcakes? Vegan?

    PURE offers Gluten Free cupcakes daily. We have a chocolate, red velvet and vanilla base cake, and you can pick your frosting choice, based on offerings of the day.  A single Gluten-Free cupcake is $4.25 and a dozen is $47. If you would like a different flavor base cake, you can pre-order (48 hours) in advance (dozen required). Our Vegan cupcakes are chocolate or vanilla, $4.25 each or $47 dozen.

Does PURE Cupcakes offer Sugar Free Cupcakes?

    PURE does not offer any of these daily. You can place a custom order for any of the above. There is a minimum of 2 dozen regular size or 3 dozen minis.

Does PURE Cupcakes offer cakes or any other dessert?

    PURE Cupcakes offers all size cakes, cookies, cake pops etc. Please call or email to inquire.

Does PURE Cupcakes offer any customization?

    PURE Cupcakes does offer customization. The pricing is based on request. Please send an email with attached jpeg so that we can quote you on your request.

Does PURE Cupcakes do tastings?

    PURE Cupcakes offers tastings Monday-Friday between 1:00-5:30. The cost is $25 and that includes your consult and the fee goes towards your order. You can pick 6 flavors from our daily menu. Please email or call to set up an appointment.

Does PURE Cupcakes offer mini cupcakes or jumbo size cupcakes?

    PURE Cupcakes does offer mini and jumbo cupcakes. We require 48 hours notice.

Does PURE Cupcakes let you mix and match flavors?

    PURE Cupcakes allows you to mix and match flavors based on daily flavors offered. If the flavor is not on the schedule of the day, then we require a minimum of 2 dozen to be ordered. If you are getting minis, the same rule exists, however, you can only get 1 flavor per dozen in the minis.

Does PURE Cupcakes offer a military, Firefighter, & Uniformed Officer Discount?

    Yes, PURE Cupcakes offers 10% discount to military, firefighters, & uniformed officers.

Does PURE Cupcakes deliver? Set up?

    Yes we do. The price for delivery starts at $15 based on mileage. Please email or call for quote. Set up fee depends on quantity to be set up. Please inquire for a quote.  Please note we no longer to delivery to Admiral Kidd Club (Naval Base)

Does PURE Cupcakes rent displays?

    Yes. PURE offers rentals for your cupcakes. We have 1 tier up to 7 tiers available for rental. The cost for rentals start at $10 and go up to $40. We require the stands to be returned to PURE the following day of rental. Other arrangements can be made for pick up if needed. (fee applies).

Does PURE Cupcakes do cutting cakes for weddings?

    PURE Cupcakes does do a 6” cutting cake for the bride and groom to cut on their wedding day. Prices start at $35.00.

Does PURE Cupcakes have a Facebook page?

    Yes, PURE Cupcakes has a facebook page. Visit us on our site to hear about new flavors and upcoming events.

Is PURE Cupcakes open every day?

    PURE Cupcakes is open every day except for certain holidays. We will be closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Easter, &  Independence Day. We will have adjusted hours on Christmas Eve, Dec. 26th, Black Friday, New Years Eve, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and other holidays on discretion.

Can I order cupcakes on the same day as needed?

    Yes, if you are ordering cupcakes that are on our daily schedule you can place your order and we will have it ready for you that day for pick up? If you need mini cupcakes, we require 48 hours notice.                  

Can I pay for my order prior to pick up?

    Yes, PURE will send you an invoice via email and you can pay for your order prior to pick up. This also confirms your order.

Does PURE Cupcakes ship?

    At this time PURE does not offer shipments out of San Diego. We are trying to come up with a process in which we can ship our delicate cupcakes without damage.

Can PURE do my cupcakes for my wedding?

    Yes, PURE Cupcakes will gladly do cupcakes for your special day. We offer tastings, delivery and set up for your special day. Call or email for quote.

Can PURE Cupcakes offer custom graphics on cupcakes or cakes?

    Yes, PURE can do custom graphics. Please send jpeg or other format to so that we can get you a quote.

Do PURE Cupcakes need to be refrigerated?

    PURE Cupcakes should be kept in the refrigerator until about an hour of eating cupcakes so that they get to room temperature. Our frostings are very delicate and can melt if left in the sun.

Do PURE Cupcakes have nuts in them?

    PURE Cupcakes does use nuts in our facility. Please specify any allergies when placing orders.

How long will PURE Cupcakes stay fresh?

    PURE Cupcakes can last for a few days in the refrigerator. Make sure and keep them in an air-tight container to prevent them from drying out.

Has PURE Cupcakes won any awards?

    Yes, PURE Cupcakes won Cupcake Wars, March 2013 (San Diego Zoo Challenge) and  Best cupcake in San Diego, San Diego A List, 2013 & 2014.